Thursday, May 11, 2017

Complicated Grief Syndrome

Do you know what is is like to have grief that is ongoing, unresolved and never ends? No closure or resolution. As Sean Cruz says: "no coming to peace with it". Can you even imagine what it is like? When a child dies, coming to terms with the child's death is part of the grieving process and resolution eventually achieved. However, when the child has been abducted and is still alive the grief continues like a "merry-go-round". Round and round it goes, incessantly. That is what has happened to Ron and any other left behind-targeted parent of Parental Alienation whose children have been abducted and are still alive. I first read about this when I found Sean Cruz's website and read about his situation regarding his children that were abducted a year before Ron's children were. My compassion for Sean and his grief, as well as Ron's is what drove me to make the video "Slipped Away-Aaron's Law Oregon" For I see and live with that same kind of grief and longing for Ron's absent children every day of my life. It is always there. It never goes away. Hovering like an albatross. For he knows his children are alive and out there living their lives without him because they were stolen. Here is the link to Sean's site and the article he wrote about Complicated Grief Syndrome and a Continuing Crime
Jodi or possibly Ron's children refer to his mourning the loss of his children as "whining" like a rejected teenager and implies he is "jealous". Where is your compassion and understanding for the father of your children Jodi? Once again, it is obvious she has none because she's nothing but an anti-social psychopathic sadist. A sadist who relishes and enjoys inflicting pain upon her victims. Why is there a need to stalk and harass us as she has these past 9+ years? She has what she stole, the children. I'm speculating the pleasure of having them is not enough. She needs more of a "fix" for her sadism and that is why she is bothering us. She needs to twist the knife into Ron's heart to pleasure herself, over and over again. In one of her blog posts Jodi said that I was "getting off" on all of this since she contacted us a 9 years ago. You are wrong Jodi, I don't gain pleasure from this or anything to do with you. I find you and what you have done repulsive and disgusting. I believe you are the one who is "getting off" on poor sick wretched creature. Here is an example of the harassing sadism of an obsessed alienator that compounds the complicated grief syndrome for a "targeted parent". What I find exceptionally revolting is it is done by the abducting parent, as a cruel way to inflict pain, get revenge and pleasure herself at someone else's expense. As if the denigration and vilification aren't enough in her "madness"(she has been institutionalized twice). Jodi has repeatedly called our home. She has had the police and her attorney call our home. She's sent harassing email messages to Ron and I as well as my friends and family on Facebook. From which I've had to block her. I've had my name linked to a porn site. I've had provocative email messages sent to me from minor young males with viruses attached. Jodi has also put up websites with her foul assertions of vitriol about Ron and I including pictures and comments about my dead parents, my dead friend and his family, my son and my alive friends as well. Ron found it necessary to go to court to get an Order for Protection from Harassment because of her abusive and bullying ways. In one of his blogs Ron mentioned his son Ronald pondering whether he played football like Ron did when he was his age. Recently a new profile showed up on Facebook for Ron's son. We were pleased to see a current picture of him who was 15 years old at the time wearing a Guymon, Oklahoma basketball jersey posed with a basketball. It brought tears to my eyes. He looked just like his father, Ron. He has the same body build, hair color and haircut. His sweetness emanating from him just like his father. So reaching out to him Ron sent him a friend request. No response. Within a matter of hours the page was gone....deleted. Now, isn't that a sadistic thing to do? I'm speculating it was Jodi, baiting and teasing Ron. Using her own son as an emotional weapon against Ron because she's pissed about something again....maybe his recent song and video. Who knows for sure, for only she does. Well, Ron is right, "you will have your own hell to pay". So cruel of her or whoever did it. Such a lack of compassion for another human being. Sadistic. One thing about Ron, is his resiliency, his love for and devotion to his children and grandchildren. Whoever, did that just fueled his and my consternation all the more. For "Justice..will be served". There is more then one way to obtain justice in this world and it isn't always in a courtroom. For I know of many people out there that have been on the receiving end of Jodi's wrath and self serving ways other then us. Why else is she using so many aliases? She may be hiding from others she has wronged along the way. I am a beacon sharing the truth and pointing the way to the abuser's of Ron and his children and grandchildren. The rest will take care of itself.  As a follow up to the posting of Ron's son picture on Facebook. It turns out that it was Jodi, as I had suspected. Playing her cruel self serving games. She was using her own son as a way to "reject" Ron. Now if that isn't just too sick and twisted.....shaking head. Something only a "Psychopathic" mother would do.  Some 3 years after this occurrence Ron's son Ronald had a son the summer of 2014 whom he named after the abductor step father and his brother/uncle.  Jodi could hardly wait to find out my response to something that unfathomable.  Here is the link to the blog I wrote A Grand Child's Legacy Stolen  We haven't gone public yet or to the media other then with our blogs and videos.  "The Psychopathic Obsessed Alienator, Child Abductor and Child Abuser" page has gotten more hits from around the world then any of my other blogs. I now have my videos about the Parental Alienation and Parental Abduction of Ron and his children on websites around the world. We're not stopping. The "Truth" will be told. There is more to come. Just wait and see. Keep coming back, reading our blogs and watching our videos to see what is next. Please share and pass on whatever blogs or videos from any of our sites to share with others "The Other Side of the Story". Ron's complicated grief continues....until he is reunited with his children and grandchildren or they die. In either case he then will be able to have closure of the kidnapping experience and "move on". For as Sean Cruz says; the abduction of a child is truly an ongoing "crime".

It is "The Ultimate Hate Crime"

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